about co-players.gr

Who we are

CO-PLAYERS, is a dynamic new effort within the sport industry, established in Greece. Founded by sports management specialists in order to offer high quality services to professional clubs, associations and athletes. It is supported by a team of executives with expertise in sports management, dedicated to producing the best possible results for its clients.

We take over :

  • The Marketing Department of professional clubs, associations and events by designing the commercial policy, approaching sponsors, organizing events and strengthening their social profile.
  • The Organization of Sports Events in collaboration with local authorities for the participation of all ages in sports and spreading of mass sports.
  • The Representation of professional basketball players by negotiating contracts, legal and insurance support, marketing and communication.

We offer:

  • Consulting services for companies. In order to achieve the maximum return from sports sponsorship agreements together with full supervision and evaluation.
  • Social Media Development exclusively for sport clubs, organizations and athletes.


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