manos kompas profile photoThe department of CO-PLAYERS provides complete representation services to professional basketball players within all Europe. We cooperate with major offices in Europe and America in the representation of Greek and foreign athletes. Responsibles for the MANAGEMENT departments is Manos Kompas and Michael Nicolaou.

facebookManos Kompas studied Sports Management at the University of Simon Fraser of Vancouver, Canada.
He has been actively involved in basketball for 11 years and worked as a scouter for Greek and other European clubs.
During the last few years he has developed great relationship with all clubs not only as an ex-scouter but also now as an agent. 

                            Michael Nicolaou studied journalism with a specialization in basketball. He has been representing basketball players                                                          since 1991 and all these years he has managed to have excellent relationships with all those she has worked



Our Vision

  • Our goal is to provide each client with the highest quality representation, guidance and services to maximize their potential on and off the court.
  • Our agency treats every client, small or big, with top professionalism as they deserve.
  • We offer to our players a variety of services that will help them to develop their skills and bring them closer to their fans.


  • Our priority is not only ensuring the best possible contract but also to obtain a high quality of living for the athlete and acquire all basic daily needs that will allow him to focus on his work inside the court.

We believe that every athlete is a unique personality and needs our special attention.