Personal Training

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Online Athletic Personal Training by Alex Solomin

One on one e-sessions, meal planning, 24/7 consulting, work out and nutrition tracking. Weight loss / muscle gain, Fuel your ambition on journey specifically designed to meet your needs, while maximizing athletic performance and endurance. Attain your ideal physique and learn what it takes to maintain it.

Designed for the athlete that is ready to exceed every expectation. (In person training available for New York residents)

Medical - Rehabilitation


Mr Stavros Alevrogiannis,MD,MSc,Ph.D.
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, I.O.C Diploma in Sports Medicine
Valantis Rizos iPhone Athens Sports Physio Sports Med. Dpt Arthrosis S.A, GR

  • Level control of athletic performance

Full medical history-physical exam, Complete hematologic and biochemical control, Metabolomic profile, Ergometer control, Biomechanics, Cybex, Psychometrics, Imaging, Medical record.

  • Prevention of sports injuries

Increase athletic performance, Identify “at risk” players, Strength training, Neuromuscular control, Improve athlete’s health (nutrition, hydration, acclimatization, Avoid overtraining-fatigue-stress, Muscle & joint taping, Cryosauna, HBO, Magnetic pump, TECAR.

  • Quick & safe return to sports activities

Experts in arthroscopic & MIS techniques, Specific rehabilitation protocols based on current clinical & scientific research, Neuromuscular control, Identification of any functional deficit, Sport specific tests, Regenerative Medicine (PRGF, stem-cells, secretomes e.t.c).

  • Natural increase of athletic performance (no drugs- doping effect !)

Vitamins & metabolite supplements (WADA approved) according to athlete’s clinical chemistry, Digital health, Combination of science, technology & medicine for optimal performance.

Physical Therapy & Performance evaluation
  • Rehabilitation sessions for all type of sports injuries, using the latest technology machines which accelerates rehabilitation and physical conditioning of soft tissues and joints.
  • Our latest equipment includes the Diamagnetic Pump, which is highly suitable for muscle sprains, bone bruise and cartilage lessions.
  • Diamagnetic Pump reduces recovery time to half.
  • Already is being used to Greek League with excellent results